Baby Bar Course Info

​How can Bar None Review help you succeed?

Bar None Review (BNR) teaches you how to identify legal issues, how to distinguish between testable (relevant) issues and non-testable issues, how to write in both the style and format that the examiners are looking for and how to master the legal principles at hand.

BNR’s combination of classroom instruction, online instruction and practical application (through in class writing and multiple choice assignments) prepare examinees for the rigors of the baby bar exam.

BNR’s Baby Bar Exam Templates provide you with the exam language and order of issues that is most likely to appear on the essay exams. These templates are more than just a source for substantive law. The Templates provide canned up answers for the most highly tested issues. The templates are a wonderful tool and make practicing fun. By learning the law in the likely tested order, students study and practice more effectively and increase their ability to issue spot exams and to write above passing answers.

Bar None Review’s Baby Bar Program

Course Description:

  • FYLSE Cram SessionTM :
    • Contracts substantive review
    • Contracts essay writing workshop
    • Torts Substantive review
    • Torts writing workshop
    • Criminal Law substantive review
    • Criminal Law essay writing workshop
  • Online access to video lecture taught by Bar None Review’s Professor Lisa Duncanson, the Bar Exam Guru
  • Multiple-choice workshop (covering Contracts, Criminal Law and Torts) and a simulated baby bar exam.​
  • FYLSE Course Materials:
    • BNR Baby Bar Exam Essay Workbook (includes past baby bar questions and detailed model answers and testing modules)
    • BNR Baby Bar Exam Maximizer (includes Bar None Review’s Baby Bar Exam Writing Templates**)
    • BNR’s Baby Bar Substantive law outlines for Contracts
    • BNR’s Baby Bar Substantive law outlines for Torts
    • BNR’s Baby Bar Substantive law outlines for Criminal Law
    • Practice multiple-choice questions for Contracts, Criminal Law and Torts

Students learn in an interactive environment, are given personal attention and both live and online class instruction. Students are allowed to submit exams for critique and grading, and receive detailed exam writing feedback with specific instructions on how to improve. We tell you what is wrong with your exam answer and how to fix it.

**Click here for sample Criminal Law Exam Writing Template.

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